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AVI Splitter will help you extract segments from AVI files
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AVI (audio video interleave) has become one of the preferred multimedia containers and file types. It offers very good image and sound quality with a considerably small file size. Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to split an AVI file, maybe because it is to large to fit into a CD or just because you just need a part of it.

AVI Splitter will help you extract parts from a video file. The user interface is really easy to use. All you have to do is load the desired video file, use the Select start and Select end buttons to mark the video fragment you want to extract, and click the Save selection button. To mark the fragment, you may use the slider or, if you want to be extremely accurate, you may browse your video frame by frame.

All these buttons have proper icons and captions, so there is no way you get lost.
Before saving the extracted fragment to a file, you may also choose what video or sound compression codecs to use. In case you do not want to mess with the original codecs, you may choose to extract the video without re-compression and thus preserve the original quality.
The software also offers to split the file into multiple pieces of equal size.

In my opinion, the main advantage of this software is that it extracts video fragments without re-compression amazingly fast.

Pedro Castro
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  • No quality loss
  • Quick extraction of fragments without re-compression


  • It only supports AVI files
  • The trial version shows a nag screen
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